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Top 10 Insurance Agency Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2020

Today, quite a lot of difficulties keep blurring the insurance landscape. On the one hand, insurance agencies have to contend with unfair competition and stringent regulations. On the other, they are battling through operating margins. Growing customer needs for best-in-class solutions complicate the competition much more. Simply cutting operating costs will not get insurance companies quite far enough. They need to analyze their corporate assets tactically and adopt an innovative approach. By doing so, they will not only improve their business operations but also grow faster compared with their competitors.

Historically, outsourcing of insurance agency operations remains to be seen as a way of reducing operational expenses by exploiting the benefits of labor arbitration. Outsourcing will change the insurance processes entirely, providing greater flexibility by freeing up valuable assets. Insurance agency management solutions will assist insurance agencies

in handling their business efficiently. Their tools offer marketing automation capabilities as well as CRM platforms to allow agents to strengthen relationships with their prospects and clients. Such systems also include back-office functionality such as contract collection and automated workflows to enhance the efforts of the employee.

In order to help insurance agencies, who struggle in this space, the current edition of Insurance CIO Outlook brings you, "Top 10 Insurance Agency Management Solution Providers - 2020 and Top 10 Insurance Agency Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2020." The management solutions offered by these companies help insurance agencies empower and advance their internal business processes across the entire insurance lifecycle for all insurance groups – property and casualty, life and annuities, reinsurance, and so on.

    Top Insurance Agency Management Consulting/ Services Companies

  • Agents Alliance Services helps agents to transition seamlessly to the independent insurance side with its turn-key services. The company brings state-of-art tools to the table that make it easier for the agents to thrive in the independent channel and ultimately benefit the groups as the agents want to work with a group that they can trust. Through its agency management systems, Agents Alliance Services can manage client relationships, store valuable agency documents, and get comparative quotes for personal insurance. What differentiates Agents Alliance Services is the generous compensation and profit-sharing model that they offer. Being a family-owned business, all the decisions taken as an organization are made knowing that its members fall under the same family structure. In addition, the company’s contract is set up in a way that they want both parties to be happy with the relationship

  • 9series


    9series, a leading insurance technology service provider, assists tech-driven insurers to bring transformation across their operations. The company focuses on developing and delivering unique digital solutions, which help the insurance agencies to detect fraud, manage customer insight, manage claims, optimize multichannel, and do much more. The company offers flexible commercial models, develops web and mobile applications, and delivers consulting services to its clients across the insurance industry. 9series believes in using the latest technologies and tools for managing massive data and developing personalized services for insurers to achieve customer satisfaction and expand their businesses

  • Agency Elements

    Agency Elements

    Agency Elements offers its expertise in managing operations, business processes, and technology. The company aims to empower the insurance agencies to execute, maintain, and ultimately control the organizations’ systems and technology. The company helps in optimizing complex functions and methods while integrating strategies for tracking its clients’ business operations. For insurance agencies, the company helps in managing account clearance, rating, quoting, and policy issuance systems through a higher level of integration. Agency Elements provides complete services that include developing, selecting, and integrating insurance agency operations for wholesalers of all types.

  • Cogneesol


    Cogneesol is a leading provider of insurance agency management services. The company provides services like policy management, new business services, reporting, commissions management, insurance claims data entry, legal claims management, and insurance accounting. Cogneesol is reckoned by many industry experts, third-party consultants, and insurance agencies themselves as being one of the significant insurance outsourcing companies across the globe. Top insurers progressively outsource insurance agency management to Cogneesol to assist and streamline operations—not merely to keep costs down but to improve agility and liberate resources in ways that benefit their companies yield new business opportunities

  • Insurun


    Founded in 2014, Insurun offers a leading web-based comparative rating, end-to-end management system for independent insurance agents. The company’s advanced platform frames portals for both agents and consumers. The agent portal enables one time-data entry for providing multiple carrier quotes in seconds. The online interface of the customer portal allows prospects to get quotes directly with a seamless experience. Insurun’s powerful automation tool is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) technology helping the insurance agents get instantaneous quotes from numerous carriers in multiple states. The company’s brilliant solution helps in capturing lead, managing prospect, and accessing real-time metrics

  • LISI


    Equipped with a Broker-first approach, LISI is a comprehensive insurance agency management solution provider who brings trustworthy industry knowledge, business expertise, and guidance by providing industry-leading tools to simplify sales processes. LISI understands the complexities of health insurance, and with strong relationships, it facilitates faster cases helping businesses to upgrade to the next level. The company gives end-to-end support and benefits to brokers through its exclusive DigiONE™ Insurance Data Solution. The solution electronically captures and transfers information, reducing data entry errors through digitization. LISI's Dash, a proprietary platform that provides brokers with carrier and case dashboards, access to quoting, leading sales tools, and complete case visibility from submission to approval

  • Network Solutions Provider

    Network Solutions Provider

    NSP is an insurance service provider, offering cutting-edge services to businesses for increasing their efficiency and helping them to stay compliant with their tailored IT solutions. From agency management, claims processing, and policy management to document imaging/management, email security, and data privacy and compliance, the company offers a wide range of insurance solutions to help firms achieve their business goals. NSP aims to unlock the business potential of a company by providing excellent insurance solutions to overcome future challenges. NSP's solutions boost organizational sales, improve customers' experiences, and maximize profits

  • Omertex


    Omertex, a custom software development services company, delivers a reliable end-to-end insurance agency software. The company provides its advanced solution at a competitive rate and proves to be ideal for start-ups and enterprises for easy learning. The company’s insurance agency software streamlines the workflow and minimizes double entries while saving time and money. The superior software solutions of Omertex for insurance market offers customized services according to its clients’ business needs. The company’s insurance agency software solutions enable independent agencies to increase their productivity and efficiency with personal insurance lines through agency management systems, market-leading rates, and web-based hosting

  • Sentz Consulting

    Sentz Consulting

    Sentz Consulting, a technology consulting firm, focuses on increasing its clients’ effective use of information technology. The company assists its clients in implementing new technology, expanding the use of already available solutions, and solving business challenges with innovations. The company focuses on personalizing the implementation of strategies and cost-effectively upgrading operations quality. The company contributes to developing technology plans by gathering and analyzing information and understanding the insurance industry challenges. Sentz Consulting simplifies IT infrastructure development and maintenance for the insurance agencies to solve communication issues

  • Verteks Consulting

    Verteks Consulting

    Verteks Consulting is a market pioneer in providing quick, reliable, and secure voice and data networks for insurance firms and government clients. With a focus on Unified Communications and improved networking solutions that enhance efficiency, mitigate costs, boost competitiveness, and better customer service, the company is uniquely able to help its clients face the challenges of today's dynamic marketplace. Verteks' vast experience in independent insurance agency automation, intelligent phone systems, and document management systems enables businesses to deliver proven business solutions and active service for a more effective and profitable experience